Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I felt the need to post something, anything, today to keep in the swing of things. I read a piece from a book that was very good and in it I found a new word in spanish that I could use for my "una palabra cada dia" category (okay, it's not each day but I am trying).
And even gave me something to illustrate. "La chismosa," I believe, in the context of the story means "tattletale."
I portrayed this character as she might appear as a vile lemming dishing out a little dirt. I kinda like this character and may find a way to insert her into the book...but someone else may have to go.


  1. Nice drawing,
    I think she is talking about me!

  2. I did this during a time that I was working on a story about lemmings. I read a little piece written by Yuyi Morales where she referred to a drawing she had done while in school and was told on because of the I decided to represent "la chismosa" in the style that would fit in with my lemming characters.
    If you would like to read it (yuyi's story), go to, then click on the little girl, then on "corazon de yuyi" (on the left), then "writing", then on "been". The way she describes the man in her drawing is so funny. Yuyu is an incredible person.
    Also, I asked on your blog about coloring in your artwork...that is because I am getting ready to finish my cover for "Tom Tilly" and am thinking of using acrylics and have little experience with that medium. Your artwork looks like it may be watercolor or acrylic...whatever it is it works.
    I've started to post the progression of the cover art at the top of this blog. I need to add some more water creatures and some background behind Tom then the coloring. Any advice in that area would be appreciated.