Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paper Angel

One of the themes on WaWe is New Medium...this is an entirely computer generated piece I did with some free software. Some of the lines from the underlaying sketch are still there and when I figure out how, I'll remove them.


  1. How the colors blend together looks really interesting, Pat. Especially the effect of the different shades of dark brown on the sleeve and bag.

    Love that it looks unique! May I know which software u r using? Really curious =)

    N thks for your lovely comments over at my blog!

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  3. hi! thks for sharing the info =). I googled for inskcape and i think the link is

    I really love looking through the galleries there looking at all the nice artworks.

    Just leave a message at my blog and i'll definitely get back to you. It's just that i'm slow in replying cos i'm quite busy these days with school deadlines to meet.

    So yup... Can't wait to see your finished inscape work!

  4. Thanks, Sarah. I'm glad you posted the correct site...I went there and downloaded the upgrade for inkscape. I also need to go to WaWe to give them the correct link...several of the members asked for it.
    Have you posted on WaWe?

  5. No problem Pat=)

    I'm a follower of WaWe and it's such a nice community with many cute illustrations. Maybe if i have something to contribute I'll try to apply for membership and hope that i get accepted there.

  6. When you have something ready, I'm very sure you'll be accepted...and you're is a nice community. I like Monday Art Day; Mike Baker is the greatest guy but WaWe is a smaller community and the posts stay a little more on track with the themes.
    Hope you are doing ok in school. I have another friend who lives in Malaysia. Her name is Tan Yisin and she graduated from art school recently and now is working as a graphic designer. Her blog is I haven't heard from her in a couple of weeks though.
    Keep in touch. :p

  7. Hello Sir, how are you doing?
    i just want to say that i like so much your work, everything is beautiful yes, and i even have learned a lot from you, i think...
    especially this post, i dont know how to work with software-digital-whatever the name is, im such a lousy, but you did a great job, really...

    well, congrats ok!

    ps: yes, im a verrrrryyy nice witch ;)))

  8. Thanks, Mita (it is Mita, right?). You are very kind. And, I'm glad you're a nice witch :)

  9. it is Mita, Sir, Yes! :))

    "Some of the lines from the underlaying sketch are still there and when I figure out how, I'll remove them."

    You know... i dont even care about this one i think this is pretty. Enough. Really. Seriously.

  10. Thanks, Mita...and you can call me Pat :)

  11. ahaha :D lol
    im so sorry, Sir...
    i mean, Sir Pat, i mean, Pat.
    i was just being polite... :))

    wishing you a lovely weekend!

    ps: i didnt know that you listen to Pink Floyd, thats SUPER!!!! i'll see you on the dark side of the moon ok!!!!

  12. Ha, ha, Mita...and how shall we get there? By broomstick?

  13. yes... by my broomstick that shines like a crazy diamond :)))))

  14. Mine is in the shop;Can you pick me up on the way? :)

  15. I like the lines Pat. Lines are good if you don't stay in them. Like monet's water lillies. I picked up a great paint program free recently, very powerful, can't thing what it's called, will let you know when I do.. cheers

  16. Pat!!!!
    so sorry, been very busy ;))
    no worries, i brought you the broomstick, hehe...

    ps: i use recycled papers sometimes, they have natural textures!!

  17. That's okay, Mita...
    Yeah, and thanks for the lift :)
    I noticed on your blog you really got a lot of comments on the stolen heart work... it is very good. The texture of the paper is great. I would like to find some of it somewhere.
    Also, I don't know if you've checked out Andrew Finney's work (he's on Monday Art Day) but if you haven't, you should. He has the post just above yours.
    Keep in touch.............

  18. I love how you have over lapped the colors it has the looseness of watercolor.

  19. ps1: the recycled paper, yes it is indonesian hand made, i dunno if you can find it somewhere... maybe you can find some blablabla hand made too :)))

    ps2: im not sure what you mean by "you really got a lot of comments on the stolen heart work"... meaning?

    ps3: no, i havent checked this Andrew guy's work... but im gonna! but tell me, why should i? you think it's beautiful?

  20. Oh....I meant "do return my heart to me"...I was thinking of it as "stolen heart." Anyway, you got a lot of nice compliments on it and they were well deserved. It is really eye-appealing.
    And, yes, I think Andrew has some awesome work. It is entirely computer generated which I'm not always a fan of but his work has a unique quality. See it for yourself and let me know...and let Andrew know, too.
    I've been totally inactive on the blogs I belong to...I hope to start posting and go blog-visiting again real soon. :)

  21. Yes Pat! Enough of this relaxing stuff! The program I referred to is free and called
    Deep Paint 2.0 get it here

    It looks good.

    lakhsmita indira: you have some grande work on your site :)

    PS Pat, thanks for the kind comments.


  22. heheh... :D
    hello you two :))
    nice to meet you here, hummm... (actually im speechless... and im too shy...)

    at Pat my old friend:
    you must know that i meant to say: "Pat! you wont believe this but when i was just about to check this Andrew guy's work you told me, suddenly he popped out on my blog! Tell me, do you do magic too?"
    (this would be such a stupid comment since the Andrew guy was here too, reading it while drinking coffee, and smiling, i dunno...)

    at Andrew guy my new friend:
    im really really sorry :))))))))))))))
    Pat is right, you are a FINE artist you know that?!


  23. Wow, I feel like I'm in a three-way (chat, that is.)

  24. :D isnt this great??!!
    chat mode: ON
    chat room: pat's blog

    cant wait to see your next postsssss!!!!
    bye pat!

  25. Pat!!!
    oh, thank you for stopping by the other day, much appreciate it!
    how are you????
    dont fly away too far ok!!!

  26. Hey, Mita...Happy Saint Patrick's Day...
    Doin okay, I guess. Not doing any art in the last week...just lazy. I do have a sign I am in the process of finishing for a hair salon and it's taking me about a month to do it...I used to have it in and out in a couple of day. The people have made the mistake of not calling and yelling, "WHERE'S MY SIGN!"
    Great to hear from you. I haven't been to any of my other friends sites for a while....need to do that. Keep in touch and keep that broom handle pointed toward the sky.

  27. Ha, ha, Andrew...will do. And Happy St. Paddy's Day to you as well as Erin Go Bragh.
    I stopped by your site the other day (can't remember if I left a note) but your work is just progressing in a spectacular way. Is the book anywhere near done? Keep in touch, Mate.