Wednesday, November 24, 2010


  1. Happy Birthday Pat! Have a great one =) Keep up with the awesome illustrations too!

  2. MMMmmooooooooooooooo.... Hehehe, cute looking bunch there, Pat!

    So how did the birthday go? Lots of laughs? Lots of booze? Well, I'm sure it was great.

    Again, happy birthday. Wish you all the best! :)

  3. thanks you guys...I think my illos are getting better due to the cyber company I keep
    ;) I wish the whole bunch of us could get together in real life once.

  4. Pat it's a great and interesting cropping and patterning in this one - makes us think and use our brains

  5. Thanks, Andrew...I've recently come in contatct with a guy that I worked with about twenty-five years ago...He was (and still is) a helluva signpainter and creative in a lot of different ways. I know he'll really enjoy and learn from your fact, he may be interested in that software you use to facilitate some of his art (I never could quite get the hang of it)...So, Happy Late New Year, Mate and I hope all is well.

  6. Hi Pat! I've something for you here:

  7. Mita awesome? :)
    Well, she is a great imager, little witch, wicked humour and loves white crows and black unicorns and all things night like... so yes.

    hey Pat, thanks so much for asking about me. Oh the cylconphoon is way north luckily, the TV crews are out in force and trying to drum up death and destruction, and they are all disapointed so far luckily.

    Though it's in the same place area as the floods a few weeks ago where they lost 40 people . Maybe if the climate guys are right this is just the tip of the iceburg?

    Hmm, hope not.

    How is that book going?
    I hope you are working hard on it.
    Your work is good, just do it!

    see you

  8. oh does your friend want info on the program I use? I'm using Carrar 8. You can pick it up on special a few times a year. here's a link.

    it's a good program, not industry standard but gets the job done!

  9. i read your comment on WW, THANKS!!!!!

    hope you're well :D

  10. Hey there Pat! I hope you are making great images, getting them all gathered up for the big release?

    take care!

  11. more final drawing then off to a couple of editors I met last year...I'm not posting any of the finished art but I may send you a jpeg in email if you like...hope everything is going well for you guys. I've been totally off the blog scene for a good while now but may get back after this business is settled...