Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stuff I Used to Do

These are products I made for a company where I was production art director/designer/painter/silk screen printer, etc. They are made of 4 to 6 inch foam board and are completely handpainted. They range in size from about 4 to 6 feet tall.


  1. Hi pat!

    Malaysia have the crunch and snickers too! :D
    i love snickers!
    but i never see the others brand :)

    it was so big....do you keep those product?
    i think it will be fun, if we could place one or two giant product at home^^

  2. Those things were made for distributing companies and they used them at expos and such. We made all sorts of stuff for companies to use as displays. We even made a 40 foot replica of the eiffel tower for Marshall Fields. The client list was impressive...Disney World, Sea World, Sears, etc.
    And you know, I bet you could make those for your home. For example, get a box that a larger flat screen comes in (I think it could resemble a KitKat bar) and prime it with water based paint til it's completely white. Then make a transparany and project it onto the box...then paint away. When the painting's done, put aluminum foil on both ends to look like the wrapper.
    And snickers is one of my favorites, too. :)

  3. ehehhe.. i going to graduate next month.. and i will be free!!!!!!!! i would like to try on it, let u know if i did it :) hehe

  4. I just checked out your blog again...the post with the elephant on top is great. Love your sense of humor. I was going through some of the other things there and found the snowman funeral...that's sff! Can I send it to some of my friends? And congrats on graduating. Hope everything is good in your future.

  5. Oh,yeah. BTW, I think your spider post should have won MAD.