Saturday, May 16, 2009

Semi comp sketch for dummy book

Es un pintura por un libro que estoy escribiendo. Espero que estara acabo en una semano mas o menos.


  1. Congratulation Pat!!!!

    Pat, i just saw your comment today, about the wacom coloring, i just simply color it in adobe photoshop, there was a lot kind of brushes to select there, sometimes, i coloring in adobe illustrator too, it have a watercolor and crayon effect which i like very much.

  2. I guess the title for this post is a little misleading...this is actually a semi comprehensive sketch for the cover of a book I've publisher yet. In fact, I haven't even submitted a dummy to anyone. This drawing was all handpainted with watercolor and pencil. I added a little bit of depth in my free program, Inkscape, by overlaying the original with some thin layers of color. I don't have a drawing program like adobe. I looked throught my Wacom manual and still couldn't find anything about drawing aids. I hope to get illustrator soon and that should solve a lot of problems for me. The Inkscape program is better than nothing but extremely unstable (at least in my computer) and limited with what you can do. Thanks for stopping by.
    Oh yeah. I noticed that you listed swimming in your profile. Do you swim a lot? I started swimming competetively 25 years ago and still do today. I have been working out with our high school swim team until this year. I run too but swimming is my favorite.

  3. Lovely! Maybe I will add some contrast, but he is sweet and cute and I love the colors.


  4. During i was primary school, i swim a lot, and join the state competition, after 2 years, the government changed, the swimming class was canceled, because the government said boys and girls are not allow to swim together due to their religion, after that, i never join any swimming contest.:(

    Pat!!! you should get adobe illustrator and photoshop! They are great!!!