Monday, October 19, 2009

Anoche voy a hacer un commentario en espanol...trascurrido mucho tiempo y no espanoles del hombre que digo "algo cada dia en espanol." Asi, voy a tomar una cerveza (o mas) y escribir.


  1. Pat!
    where are you?? how are you?
    please update :P
    I hope to hear from u!

    take care yea...

  2. Good morning, Yisin. Everything is okay here. I've enjoyed your recent posts...are you still doing oil painting classes?
    I got a brand new set of acrylics last week...first new set in twenty years. When I did paint with the old acrylics they were dry and hard to manage...the new set, God, it's great. So creamy and nice making me want to paint more.
    I will have a new update on the boat in a day or two.
    The Tom Tilly book is making me crazy...The manuscript is satisfactory but I have decided to go with the realistic, a lot more to do there.
    The sign work I have been doing has been taking a lot of my time but I'm hoping it will slow down so I can do the things I want to.
    Let me know if this comes in your email. I never know if it goes there or you have to come search my blog...also, do you have a facebook account? If you do, we could communicate that way also. I have a FB friend in San Francisco and's pretty cool.
    Well, hope everyhing's okay. Keep in touch.
    Pat :)