Friday, October 2, 2009

Tom Tilly cover

I added this one after the ones below...just to make myself a little crazier about how to represent this character. If anyone has any thoughts as to which style is preferable, feel free....
I'm going to try to post a step by step for Tom Tilly's cover.
Here is the pencil sketch for the cover...

I've added some color in Inkscape...

Some linework to see how it's gonna look...Next will be color in the bottom part then ink it....hopefully, soon.


  1. How bout the first Tom and tilly's cover?
    i like that one too!!! :D
    All the best yah Pat!!!
    cant wait to see it complete :)

  2. I like it too, Yisin, but I think he looks so much like a mermaid that I decided to show him as a boy looking at himself as if he were a fish...I don't know...I'll probably use both when I submit the PB dummy. How you doin with the oils?...I think that will be a very good medium for you to explore. Some of your work is showing potential...paint some cats:)

  3. Yes!!! i want to paint cat! but my teacher not allow me to do so :( she want me to paint myself....

  4. pat,in my opinion, the realistic one look nicer :D
    but the cartoon style look cuter :D
    maybe for children they will like the cuter one, but I'm not sure. i think you should ask your grandchild!!! :D
    Pat! keep it up!! :D
    i love your water color painting :P the one with a boat..:)