Saturday, May 1, 2010

More Signwork

This is a sign painted on a brick wall. Painting on bricks is no picnic but I like the way it turned out. Sadly, this building burned a few years ago.
And, why couldn't my wife tell me how ridiculous I looked in these running shorts.


  1. Hya Pat, the shorts look fine! It's just the bullfrog singlet that is questionable. (just kidding)

    Nice sign. It must be amazing to work so large!

  2. wow looks great. nice view from below... haha =)

  3. Ha, ha, Thanks, Sarah...makes an old guy feel good.

  4. And thanks to you, too, Andrew. This is small compared to one I did a couple of years ago. It was the Daramic logo and it was at the top of a three story building. The logo itself was ten feet tall and ninety feet long. I did it off of a thirty two foot extension ladder. For layout purposes I used a yardstick, charcoal sticks, duck tape and a long piece of string to swing the radii. I was particularly proud of doing that one since it was humid and in the nineties every day I worked on it...I was over sixtie, then, and didn't die :)

  5. WoW!!!!!.. Pat!! you are epic cool and awesome!!!! :D
    Understand the past time, before the printing technology came in, everything need to be paint slowly, for the past time, my dad is actually doing the same thing like you in this photo :)

  6. Thanks, kind Yisin. I didn't know your Dad was a signpainter, too. I hope I am as good an artist as he is when I grow up:)
    BTW, have you contacted Sarah ZA? She's been to your blog and you can go to hers by clicking on her icon just two posts above yours. I'll stopping by your blog later....:)

  7. Hello Pat :)

    Okay, now I just had to check out the ever mysterious 'hot pants' that came so highly recommended by your friend Andrew.

    So now I see what he means. Looking good, there! I meant the sign, of course... (^-^)

  8. Ha, ha, Amalia....the photographer said she wanted to get me from my best side so I smiled and waved my paint brush in the air. Then she said, "No, silly. Turn around."
    The rest is preserved for posterity. No pun intended, of course:)