Monday, May 10, 2010

sketch for borderlines

I would like to get a couple of illos in Borderlines next month...this is a preliminary sketch. I know they like color but will I have time to do that? Hopefully...we'll see.


  1. this is so cool in sketch form. It's wonderful!

  2. Hello Pat, so you snuck one in and hoped I didn't notice eh? :)

    This is looking grande so far. Your sketches have a life and dynamic of their own.

    Is that a pipe in the mice's hand by chance?

  3. Ha, ha, Andrew...a pipe would be cool. Actually, the sketch is still a little's a piece of cheese he's pulled from his cheese pillow. I'm dedicating this drawing to a little mouse that I had to finish off after my dog (yes, my dog...I think he has issues) got hold of him and left him near death. I felt bad for the mouse although mice know full well the consequences of sharing a domicile with humans..I haven't buried him yet but I'm going to put him in our pet cemetery out back...that should really piss off our dead cats.
    You are continually amazing me with your work...I want to see you published...and how about Mita...Damn! She is growing. I wrote her a poem today but don't know if she got it.
    Thanks for stopping by and keep in touch.

  4. My pleasure :)

    Thankyou for your kind words as well!

  5. Hi pat! It's been a long time since you've updated. How's it's going? Still keeping fit?

    I'm going for a short trip from tomorrow until tuesday. Pretty excited :)

    Do keep in touch!

  6. I won't get any email from your replies here on your blog. Do you? get my replies on my blog in your email? That's why I'm kinda replying you either here or over at my blog. Lol.

  7. You have really cute sketches! Thanks for your comment on my blog, gave me the opportunity to see the work on yours! Lots of character and drama in your art. I took a look at Watercolor Wednesdays, thanks for telling me about it...lots of creativity there! Take care!

  8. Well, unbelievable...again, there is a sketch with exactly the same subject matter as this one in the SCBWI bulletin...a mouse reading Of Mice and Men. I think it's probably just another coincidence but I will no longer be posted any work that hasn't been published...of course, that is I have permission from whoever my publisher may be. Friggin unbelievable!