Thursday, July 1, 2010

WaWe banner

This the banner for Watercolor Wednesdays...I'm having a little trouble getting it to reproduce but it is supposed to be up today so I guess this will have to do. I wanted to post it here first so I might get an idea how it's going to look on the WaWe blog.


  1. Wow Pat. This is really something. What a wonderful design! Lots of movement and colour and fun - and so appropriate for the month.

    Youv'e donea great job with this. I'm impressed.

    do more :)

    PS I linked to your 'hot pants' on my last post. I hope you don't mind. If you do let m know!



  2. Well, Andrew, once again the positive comments coming from you serve me well...I really wasn't totally pleased with the final rendering but if you like it then, by God, it must work:)
    And, what hot pants?...the sign painting one?
    Anyway, that's fine.

    Keep in touch, Mate...
    What do you hear from Mita? I've tried emailing her and a lot of other stuff but no reply.

  3. Hey thanks Pat. Yep I think this one is a doozy!

    Mita? I think she is being very quite at the moment. I am not really sure I'm sorry.

    PS the hot pants are linked to a very bad taste post I made. It's a pretend add sending up advertising in general.! I always wanted to be a copy-writer. Either that or a carpenter!


  4. I saw the post...that's funnier than shit. Glad I could be a bit of an inspiration:)

  5. Pat: the banner looks great! Please send it to me so that I can post it on WaWe:
    send to lktsward (at) bellsouth (dot) net
    It should be about 902 pixels wide like the current one. Thanks so much! Also, if you have challenges for the month, send those & I'll post yours instead of the ones I did.

  6. hehe... im reading something:
    "I saw the post...that's funnier than shit."
    "Pat: the banner looks great!"

    hello, im here.
    good morning to you, wheres my coffee?

  7. I'm having a cup for you right this minute...I haven't found the poem yet...I can't remember how I sent it.

  8. I feel guilty now for not posting anything on WaWe in a Looonnggg time. But hey! Your banner looks great. Very patriotic, indeed. I suppose 'patriotic' suits you well? (^-^)

  9. Actually, Amalia, I don't suppose I'm what you would call a real "flag-waver" but I like the notion of the little animals doing a rendition of the "Spirit of 76" painting. I just thought it would be cute.
    I do have a Marine Corps flag flying from my front porch...that's for all the young Marines who are involved in conflicts that they may not necessarily believe in but must fight when called on because they are Marines. Sometimes that sucks. It would be great if the world didn't need Marines and I hope that day comes.
    I've been to your blog lately but didn't comment (I don't think) but I still really enjoy your work. It's been wonderful to meet so many talented people via the internet and they have all been inspiring to me.
    Now, what about that Little Witch? Do you think she will ever get beyond her learner's permit for her broom or will she be like Spongebob with her permanent license being just out of reach? Oh, the images...
    Anyway, thanks for stopping by.....:)

  10. Hey again :)

    Well, I think a little patriotism is good once in a while. It helps to remind people of their roots and they belong together somehow, don't you think? :) And yes, the world isn't what it should be nowadays, I agree...

    The Little Witch? Well, she's up and flying where I am, permits or no. Ha! A few crashes here and there is nothing new...heheh.

    And thank you for stopping by invisibly at my place're so kind. (^-^)

  11. He, he, Mita...I was making a reference to your profile post about flying around trying to not crash into reminded me of Spongebob driving Mrs. Puff around and crashing into stuff. Are you coming by again in the morning for coffee? I will have some ready for you and Amalia both if you like:)

  12. i am.

    oh okay!
    dont worry about The dark side of the moon.
    you can send me anytime.


  13. Hey, looks like I missed that coffee invitation? Heheh. It's easy for Mita. She has a broom. (^-^)

  14. Mita needs to get an extenda-broom...then she can pick up you, Andrew, Yisin and Sarah ZA and we'll all have coffee and a morning snack...or if you really want to have some of our down-home hospitality, biscuits and gravy with grits and eggs...Yum, yum:)

  15. Hey there, Pat! Aah, I see you came to my place in true form? Hahahaa! Well, thank you for that invitation, I will definitely come, providing Mita still has extra space on her broom. :D :D

  16. Oh, we speak in a language for a secret society... Quite tricky to learn. I tried teaching Andrew, but all he could pick up was something equivalent to "horseradish". Hopeless, utterly hopeless. Thheee heheheee... (^____^)