Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boat picture

This is the final version of the painting. I'm not sure I like as well as the one I posted before...evidently the lone juror of the art show at the local museum wasn't all that fond of it either. The picture here is a little grainy... it is actually a little more crisp in real life.


  1. Haha Pat, nice one. I commented on this but my comment has vamoosed! Ugh,

    Anyway, I was admiring the beauty of the reflections on the underside of the wharf and contemplating the juror's lack of brains.

    Yes, that was it . You've bought up the textures well, you're a good watercolourist!

    I see you have 20 comments for the banner. And desrve it.


  2. Thanks, Andrew....your comments always brighten my day. I went to your blog and read the Pided Piper story and was going to comment but was too damn drunk to do the post justice...I can't believe some agent hasn't snapped you up yet.

  3. Heya Pat, thanks that very wonderful :)

    Heh, I'm lucky, when I get drunk I can't reach the keyboards (because I am on the floor). I know I've had too much because I start to laugh then fall over :)

  4. The hell with Art jurors. In my town none of my work is ever shown. This is a very fine Art work.

  5. Andrew, check out Robert's website.

  6. Hey there, Pat! Well, well, well. I actually think that the painting looks wonderful, so the lone juror can just go to... hellyeah!!!

    Anyway, thanks for your kind comment. It instantly made my head ballooned up and now I'm typing this with my leg tied to the desk. Heheh.

    Hope you're drinking your coffee! (^_^)

  7. That's pretty damned funny, Amalia...

  8. Hi, Pat. I sure was touched by your comment. So anytime, I'd be happy to have you share some of your thoughts.

    Anyway, did you give the 'at ease' order? My back is killing me. Heheh. :))

  9. I'll try to put my thoughts together on that in a cohesive manner and send them to you....I was at the end of a twelve-pack last night...I gotta stop doing that:)
    What's the 'at ease'...am I just thick?

  10. Hehehe. Sorry, Pat. Never mind. Sometimes I joke too much, it's annoying. :)) Have a good day!

  11. Hey, Me..I mean you...I thought you'd forgotten about me.

  12. Hi Pat, you know I value your opinion. You think that last one was in bad taste? I'm going for an audience of say 12 year old boys --- not sure!

    PS what happened to that other picture of the party?